Sunday, October 26, 2008

week 6

"Hi guys, it the end of week 6...can you believe it?"

Alright, so we're 2/3 done, and pretty much almost done the dialogue. We're starting Ardha Kurma Aaaasana tomorrow, and hopefully we'll finish the series by the end of the week. It'll be nice to just review the dialogue after...and not have to CRAM any more new dialogue in.

We had a series of lectures this week - Dr. Choudhury (not bikram or raj) gave a lecture mostly on women's gynae...which was actually fairly interesting. Raj gave her theoretical lectures on the physical benefits/effects of the different postures, followed by demonstrations (using students) on how to correctly/incorrectly perform all the postures. Thursday night we had a lecture by Victoria-based physician Dr Devi - a super high- energy, but very intuitive family doctor. Her lecture was basically on a new thought in the medical community: instead of treating chronic illness by starting at the "core" with drugs and surgery, and then progressively branching out into more and more 'esoteric' forms of alternative treatment, it makes more sense to start with things like yoga, and then slowly branch out into the more invasive forms of treatment only as a last resort.
The other theory is that nearly all chronic dysfunction (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual) is caused by stress in the body. The idea is that by reducing the caustic effects of stress in the body (yoga, meditation, etc) the symptoms and effects of most chronic illnesses can be greatly reduced. Seems reasonable.

To relax, a few of us took a taxi-ride into the main bay area to go to a nice restaurant called 100% natural. There are actually 4 other ones...but this one sits on a dock in the ritzy Bay of Acapulco. I could almost feel fat ol' Elvis sitting near me drinking margaritas and taking his pills. Ah yes. Back at the hotel Blake and Noelle and I then went and had some tea around the pool, while yammerin' about whatever. Beautiful, beautiful evening!

Today was a lazy-as-fuck day. Pretty much just studied a bit of dialogue, surfed online for hours, slumped around the pool and tanned, and then watched a dumb Sandra Bullock spectaculaire called "The Net" on TV. Then I started dialogue translation. I just translated Half-Moon (La demie-lune) into french. Only 25 more to go! Faaaak.

Week 7 here we gooooo

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