Saturday, October 11, 2008

Week #4

So you'd think by week 4, the dumb drama would sorta be over? Nope.

Monday evening's (or tuesday, I kinda forget) was probably the most unusual class at teacher training, mainly because this has never happened in the 14 years of teacher trainings. Bikram left the class midway because he was upset with us! That class, people were still dying, throwing up, leaving, crying...all of it. So we were left hanging at half-tortoise posture, and that we were going to talk about it at the evening lecture. Needless to say everyone was tip-toeing around, and even the staff had a strangely sombre look on their faces. Just as we thought we were going to be KILLED ALIVE as we were notified boss was coming in the lecture hall, we heard his usual and perky, "check, check, 1,2,3,4"...

He told us he wasn't in a bad mood. He went and did some homework, and was wondering why into week 4 everyone was still shit and "couldn't even do a 90 minute GRANDMOTHER'S CLASS"! He called the yoga room turns out that the room (presumably somewhere around 45-degrees celcius) had NINETY-SEVEN (97) percent humidity. A far cry from the usual 40% humidity. So anyway - we now train with the doors open, with around 15 industrial fans mounted on the walls around the room, and 4-5 of the collapsible ceiling panels removed to allow the cooler (lol - yes the 32-degree "cooler" air!) to filter in.

I had a brief stint in the clinic yesterday morning. I was having trouble getting my hydration under control - I had been getting super dizzy and having to sit down a lot (re:bikram getting pissed) - so they gave me a hydration intra-venous hydration thingy. From now on, I just have to drink a stronger electrolyte solution. (gatorade is too weak)

Dialogue has been shooting along fairly quickly. We've done about 1 to 1.5 postures a day! We are at triangle as of Friday (I still have to do standing seperate-leg stretching, re: sitting in the clinic for 4 hours) It's the weekend though, so I have extra time to practice. Speaking of which...

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