Monday, October 6, 2008

So it's been a while...

It's been a while since I've posted. Weeks 2 and 3 were kinda rough for me physically, and blogging seemed to be the furthest thing from my mind.

We're getting there.... We're becoming yoga teachers! Posture clinics have started and as I type this, we have all finished the eagle posture. It's amazing to see how people have improved so quickly in just a short amount of time. It seemed it was a question not of ability, but of figuring out how to learn. Some people hadn't had to learn this way in a long time, or ever, really!

Today was also the FIRST time since the beginning of training since I did every posture in the class. Now it seems like, strangely, I have no excuse but to do every posture from here on in. (we'll see how that goes, obviously) It could have been mental, it could have been physical, maybe emotional; whatever it was I'm glad it's gone.

We've had a nice variety of teachers for the past few classes - it's so nice to see the different teaching styles. There are always little quirks about every teacher that we don't like. They talk too much. They hold the postures too long. (the room is too fuckin' hot). They laugh too much. They're too serious. They're too funny. They're too bitchy. They're too yellow, they're too green.
It's obvious part of the training is also to remember to have a bit of compassion...knowing that we'll bit on that podium, having students critique us internally, avoid our classes...haha! But all of that doesn't really matter. The important thing is to remember to have a passion, and just do the job correctly and safely - beyond that...this sounds cliche but...we're all human, and "perfect is boring"!

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