Friday, September 19, 2008

Survival: Week 1

They say it's an adjustment period..and you go "yeah yeah yeah...I'm FINE. I ALWAYS finish my classes at home!"

Except teacher training isn't reality. Or well maybe everything in the "real world" back home ISN'T reality, and this training in acapulco is - I don't know.

All I know is that when you start cramping, and have to be carried out of the class, have nausea all week, have snot, piss, shit, puke, tears, coming out of every orifice of your body, you reconsider what is real or not. Being pushed to the brink of your own existence (or so it feels... in retrospect it's not that death-defying an experience) is quite humbling and definitely brings a whole new meaning to compassion. As a teacher, I will be glad that I know first how much everything can just plain h-u-r-t.

I was probably over-electrolyting too. Instead of barrels of gatorade like I did the first three days I switched to having a bit of pedialyte before and after class, and ice water with fresh limes during the class.(The avocadoes and limes here and bloody incredible) No crazy salting, pills, drops, or any other shit...for now.

Appetite. Sooo...for the past lunch has been soup. Soup. Yes - this is Damon Davies talking...SOUP. That's all I could eat without feeling like I'm going to spray puke all over the bloody place. However...I just had a sandwich from the nice cafe here. It was a bit painful at first, but now I feel good. I think my digestive system is starting to smarten the fuck up. (No seriously...our daily buffet is awesome...I'll be bloody damned if all I eat is fuckin' old soup!)

Anyway - so one more class tomorrow morning (easy peasy - we got the night I'll have a good sleep!) and then free for the weekend. I will proooobably sleep for 48 hours straight. We'll see.

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