Monday, November 10, 2008

week 8

This is actually monday of week 9 as I write this..but nothing too unusual has happened this week yet...yet..

Week 8 was a week of highs and lows. We got tuesday night off to watch Obama win, which was just a night off for some (me) and an excuse to go to Walmart and get ice cream. Dialogue was finished on Monday afternoon, and each group voted for a rep to do spine twist. Our rep was Jodi Ch..can't spell..eski. She rocked it out verbatim with tons of energy!
Bikram also started his posture clinics starting with half moon. I got up and demonstrated balancing stick which was enjoyable. It was cool to actually be getting corrections for Bikram.
Then...Thursday. Ohhh thursday. The surprise triple.

We had two strong classes that day, the evening class taught by a high-energy little aussie girl. There had been rumours floating around that there was a "double" that night. But I didn't really think it would actually happen. Then when final savasana came around, they asked us all to stay there. I initially thought Manali was just asking us not to fidget and leave...then I saw Lewis walk by with that Orange towel. God Dammit. I tried to rationalize by thinking "oh wait..bikram is just doing standing bow posture clinic because we couldn't do it in a cold room today"...HA Mild panic setting in!!!
"Check check, 1,2,3,4! What the hell...get up everyone, you're late for 5 o'clock class!" Bikram comes in the room. He gets up on the podium and we start the breathing...I was still sitting down, I was so dazed I couldn't believe if I was dreaming or not. I eventually got up at standing bow (I was dazed for a while!) and tried to lift my foot. I couldn't! I had run out of water so I decided to go get some. Fortunately there was a big jug of electrolytes ready outside (they had planned this!) so I got some of those. After 5-10 minutes of cooling down outside, I was encouraged to go back in. I finished what was a semblance of the floor series. Surprisingly I actually managed to walk out of that class without much of a limp. Indeed I was bloody tired and sat down in the shower because I was so tired, only to flop like a wet towel on my bed once dry. Oh, and did I mention that we stayed up ( or were kept up) until 2:30am having lecture and watching Bikram's TV shows?
I wasn't grumpy when I left at 2:30am. I was actually laughing, and had a smile on my face. I kinda thought...whatever - I'm still alive! I don't think I'd want to do a day like that again, but I'm proud to say that I survived it!

Week 9 is here...5 more days of class, a talent show, and a graduation, dialogue review and then...the first class. Wednesday the 19th!!!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Week 7

14 more days to go!

Week 7 was fairly laid-back. Some of us finished our last posture on friday, and tomorrow the rest will finish their Spine Twisting. Wednesday and Thursday we had lectures by a guy named Jon Burras - the Fascia Guy - a body worker, massage therapisty kinda guy who shared his opinions on the current western medical system (some people disagreed with him!). He also talked about many myths concerning health, the fitness myth, the way the human body is set up, energy channels...etc..

Friday night Lynn Whitlow gave us her lowdown on teaching. A lot of useful information about mistakes not to make.

Wow - this week's blog is lame. Ok - well tonight I'm going to a chip and dip party! It'll be a nice round-out to week 7.

Week 8 here we come!