Sunday, November 2, 2008

Week 7

14 more days to go!

Week 7 was fairly laid-back. Some of us finished our last posture on friday, and tomorrow the rest will finish their Spine Twisting. Wednesday and Thursday we had lectures by a guy named Jon Burras - the Fascia Guy - a body worker, massage therapisty kinda guy who shared his opinions on the current western medical system (some people disagreed with him!). He also talked about many myths concerning health, the fitness myth, the way the human body is set up, energy channels...etc..

Friday night Lynn Whitlow gave us her lowdown on teaching. A lot of useful information about mistakes not to make.

Wow - this week's blog is lame. Ok - well tonight I'm going to a chip and dip party! It'll be a nice round-out to week 7.

Week 8 here we come!

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