Saturday, October 18, 2008

week 5...over!


5 weeks, 54 Yoga classes, and 17 dialogue deliveries in posture clinic!

Everything is coming together. It actually feels like I am becoming a teacher. In other words, the transition to the somewhat scary "other side."

The entire week was up and down. Some posture clinics went great, some went poorly. Or what seemed at the time to be poor. These posture clinics are at times harder than the yoga. There's nowhere to really hide; you are on the spot, and it's live or die! You just have to get that dialogue OUT!!! Wednesday's afternoon posture clinic was a turning point: a breakdown, crying included, but a turning point. But you know, sometimes you have to breakdown to breakthrough! Thursday's Posture clinic (cobra) went fantastically well...I was full of energy, and it just felt natural. They said I rocked it...and everyone really knew that, and I knew it too. Friday's BOMB of locust post (I just froze at one spot...couldn't speak!) kept all that in check. As Bikram says...when bad things happen in life, we should be happy as a lark: it means something good is coming very soon. When good things happen, we have to enjoy them carefully, as they will be gone, and something less desirable is soon to follow. I'm not the only one experiencing such changes. There were at least 8 other breakdowns that I personally witnessed, but I'm sure there were many more outside of the group I was in. Anyway.

Yoga is going much better. After the IV issue, I now drink THREE 675ml bottles of Electrolit (mexican pedialyte...they have regular pedialyte, but their brand actually tastes better) per day. One in each class, and once outside of class whenever I feel I need it. It has completely corrected the insane dizziness in class, the blacking out. I have been strongly finishing most of my classes.

Saturday - easy day. The class was COLD. I couldn't believe it - the first time I felt a chill, and barely took any water in class.
Massage - deep tissue. Spa atmosphere. Some guy grinding the hell out of my muscles. Need I say more?
Room service - I've been eating ichiban noodles for my dinners all's time for a treat!

Sunday...probably just more of the same...maybe some poolside, and of course...the dialogue.

Week 6: less posture clinic hours, and now we start covering the therapeutic benefits of the yoga postures with Rajashree (Bikram's wife) She has a degree in yoga therapy, and is the foremost person in the understanding of the deeper workings of the yoga, and how they cure (or alleviate, prevent) many of the common illnesses - some of which debilitating - most people suffer.

Until next weekend!

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